Why buy from us?

We've heard people say, "Why should we buy from you when we can bypass you and buy directly from the growers? We save money that way!" Well in most instances, that just isn't the case.

No Hidden Costs

Let's look at this closer. Suppose you are buying a plant direct and your cost at the nursery is $8.00 and you look at our price list and see the same plant for $12.50. Are you really saving money? Usually not!
How so? Well, first of all the price we list is the final price you pay. The price at the other nursery is not. You will also be paying sleeving/boxing charges and freight for starters. These are the obvious costs. There are other costs that are not as noticeable. Are you maintaining inventory because you are having to order more than you really need to meet minimum freight charges? If you are then you have additional plant losses that you need to figure in to your total cost. Why would you want more plant losses in your business? We maintain the inventory and pay the gas bills for you. Our greenhouse is your greenhouse. Call us when you want something from your greenhouse or just come get it!

Save Time. No Stress.

Who among us has too much time on our hands? Running a small business is unbelievably time consuming. Some say, "time is money". We say that time is more valuable than money. There is only so much of it available to us. We can save you time. We make ordering easier than they do. No case- quantities to figure here. You can order exactly what you need and no more. No large freight minimums to worry about either. We have low minimums for delivery and no minimum if you pick it up. No meeting a truck on the weekends because that's when they say you have to receive it. We deliver when and where you want six days a week. Also, Vickery is a one-stop shop for all your plant needs. We have it all and that saves you time! Only one phone call does it all!

How do we do it?

After being in business since 1952, we have this down. First we have relationships with growers nationwide, many that give us a discount off their price list. We have our own trucks that run to both coasts weekly which means we have less freight to figure in our costs. We work cheap! We subsist on very low markups due to the volume we sell. We buy only the best quality around. Quality, price and service is what keeps our customers coming back year after year.

We Care

At Vickery we care about our customers because we know that our success depends on your success. We want to be part of your success, which will make you a part of our success. Personal service from friendly people who really care!

With all that said, why wouldn't you buy from us?

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